Genuine Original SanDisk Extreme MicroSD Card SQXA2 256GB

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The SanDisk U3 C10 V30 4K TF card is specially designed for digital device enthusiast, shutterbug and for storing a mass of files and videoes, which features large capacity to make full use of advanced digital devices. It has reliable quality and legendary performance to safely store wonderful moment and full HD video, reminding you cherished memories as it happened not long ago. It makes your digital life joyful.


Super Fast Data Transmission.
Enables to quicky transmit 4K HD video and files, and run the app, bringing extreme using experience.
Wide Range of Compatibility.
Compatible with various mobile phones, laptops, sports cameras, and drone, etc.
Up to 160MB/s Read Speed.
Delivers up to 160MB/s read speed to significantly save time in transferring images and 4K video, and up to 60MB/s write speed, to capture high-speed motion photos and HD video.
U3 & V30.
Features UHS speed grade U3 and video-speed grade V30, to capture smooth full spec high definition video and 4K HD video, suitable for shooting outdoor adventures, trips or sports without worrying about frame skipping.
Multiple Resistances.
Features resistance to water, cold and heat, shock and X-ray, to ensure its reliable high performance of storage.


Brand: SanDisk
Card type: TF (micro SD) card
Capacity: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB (optional)
Video speed level: V30
UHS speed grade: U3
Item Size: 14.99 * 10.92 * 1.02mm / 0.6 * 0.4 * 0.04inches
Item weight: 1g / 0.04oz 
Capacity   Performance
32GB  C10, U3, V30, A1 
100MB/s Read Speed, 60MB/s Write Speed
64GB C10, U3, V30, A2 
160MB/s Read Speed, 60MB/s Write Speed
128GB C10, U3, V30, A2 
160MB/s Read Speed, 90MB/s Write Speed
256GB C10, U3, V30, A2 
160MB/s Read Speed, 90MB/s Write Speed

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1 * TF card