11.4V 4200mAh Li-Po Battery for Hubsan Zino Pro RC Drone

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If you are worried about the battery life is too short, the charging time is too long, and you want to replace the batteries in turn, so that you can better experience the fly fun. Then this item will be a good choice for you. This package include 2 pack battery specially designed for Hubsan Zino Pro GPS drone, light and easy to install, with over charge protection, short circuit protection, stable, fast and safe to use. Rechargeable up to hundreds of times.

MULTIPLE PROTECTION: Easy to install, convenient to carry, stable, fast and safe to use. Over charge protection, short circuit protection, rechargeable up to hundreds of times.
SAFE AND SECURE: Be made of fire-proof and explosion-proof material, small transmitted power, it is not dangerous if the drone out of control.
LONG WORKING TIME: Working time: About 30mins, charging time: About 180mins. 30 minutes of working time allows you to enjoy the thrill of fly without changing the battery.
SPECIALIZED BATTERY: 11.4V 4200mAh modularized Li-Po battery for Hubsan Zino Pro GPS drone.
GUARANTEE: If there are any problems, please contact with our store in time. We will give you a 100% satisfactory solution. Thanks for your understanding.

Item type: Li-Po battery
Capacity: 4200mAh
Voltage: 11.4V
Energy: 47.9Wh
Discharge: 8C
Charging time: About 180mins
Working time: About 30mins
Operating temperature: 5℃ to 45℃
Suit for: Hubsan Zino Pro RC drone
Size: 13 * 5.5 * 4.5cm

Please do not mixed use the battery with other Hubsan drones.
Keep battery temperature lower than 45°C when charging or it may result in damage to the battery.

Package Information:
Package size: 15.8 * 6 * 4.8cm 
Package weight: 240g
Gift Box Package

Package List:
1* Li-Po battery