D-Tap 2 Pin Male Connector to DC 5.5 * 2.5mm Plug Power Cord Cable for BMCC BMPC DSLR Rig Power Supply 113cm in Length

HKD 31.63
Stock 30
D-Tap 2 pins male connector to DC 5.5 * 2.5mm plug power cable.
Suitable for BMCC, BMPC, DSLR rig power supply.
Power source can be battery, battery plate with D-Tap output.
Cable length is about 113cm.

Color: Black
Input: 12-14.8V
Output: 12V
Cable Length: Approx. 113cm
Cable Weight: 50g / 1.7oz
Package Size: 12.5 * 9cm / 4.9 * 3.5in
Package Weight: 52g / 1.8oz

Pay attention to the +/- of the D-tap connector.

Package List:
1 * D-Tap to DC2.5 Cable