Protective Masks Replaceable Filter Mask Headband Straps Anti-dust Haze Exhaust High-efficiency Filtering Soft Silicone

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The filter element is replaceable, with a headband and adjustable length.
Soft silicone material, three-dimensional mesh filter to effectively block dust.
Fully fit protection, not sting ears, low sensitivity and no irritation.
Can be isolated from dust, haze, car exhaust, etc.
Built-in 1 filter element with additional 9 filter elements for easy use.

Product Type: Mask
Features: Replaceable filter
Wearing method: head-mounted
color: White
Material: Silicone
Package Size: 19 * 14.5 * 8cm / 7.48 * 5.71 * 3.15in
Package Weight: 57g / 2.01oz

Package List:
1 * Mask
2 * Straps
9 * Filter