Heat Vest Jacket Winter Flexible Electric Thermal Waistcoat

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Upgraded heating elements generating heat across the front and back to make you feel warm in 360 degrees. One button for 3 heating settings, made of soft skin-friendly material which ensures smooth and comfortable feeling. Design with the latest carbon fiber and fine quality TPU heating sheet for heats up quickly within 1-3 seconds.

This vest can heat the body for a long time, help to keep the blood circulation and relieve the pain of rheumatism and muscle strain.
Powered by any 5V/2.1A portable charge(low and safe voltage), USB plug compatible with most portable charge in the market. (Power bank is not included)
After switching off the power, the heat can be left for 6 hours.
Heated vest features 5 carbon fiber heaters (around the waist and back). The material of the clothing lining is soft and comfortable. Electric heated clothing help promotes blood circulation, relief pain of muscles.
Perfect for outdoor activities like a snowmobile, motorcycle, mountain, camp, hike, ski, or office routine and business try during fall and winter.

Color: black
Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL (optional)
M: 0.60m
L: 0.62m
XL: 0.64m
XXL: 0.66m
XXXL: 0.68m
XXXXL: 0.70m
M: 0.47m
L: 0.49m
XL: 0.51m
XXL: 0.53m
XXXL: 0.55m
XXXXL: 0.57m
M: 0.45m
L: 0.47m
XL: 0.49m
XXL: 0.51m
XXXL: 0.54m
XXXXL: 0.56m
M: 0.38m
L: 0.40m
XL: 0.42m
XXL: 0.44m
XXXL: 0.46m
XXXXL: 0.48m
Package size: 300 * 200 * 100mm / 11.8 * 7.9 * 3.9in
Package weight:
M: 400g / 0.9lb
L: 450g / 1.0lb
XL: 500g / 1.1lb
XXL: 550g / 1.2lb
XXXL: 600g / 1.3lb
XXXXL: 650g / 1.4lb

Package list:
1 * Heating Vest