A8 Electric Hair Trimmer Household Hair Cutter for Children Adults Hair Barber

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Fine quality material, incisive and not easy to corrode, easily cut hair of various thicknesses.
Strong pow-er, flexibility and strong copper wire can be removed.
R round corner design, safe skin contact. Protect the scalp from injury.
It's safe to use, and babies can have their hair cut.
High pow-er high speed motor, 6500 RPM, low noise.
1200mAh lithium b-attery, long endurance.
Easy to rotate the switch, adjust 0.8-2.0mm he-ad, can accurately trim the length of the hair.
Can be removed and can be rinsed directly in water.
For use by the whole family, it is safer and cheaper to have a haircut at home.
Five-speed fine-tuning design, simple operation.

Item type: Hair Trimmer
Material: Ceramic
Charg-ing type: USB 
Nominal voltage: 110V-240V
Charg-ig time: Approx. 5h
Usig-time: 60min
Pow-er: 5W
Package weight: 400g/0.88pounds
Package size: 220*150*70mm/8.66*5.9*2.75inches

Packing List:
1 * Hair Trimmer
1 * USB cable