Tronxy Carbon Silicon Crystal Glass Print Bed

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Made of carbon silicon crystal glass, the build surface provides a strong adhesion in printing and easy to clean.
Once the hotbed cools down to room temperature, the adhesion will be reduced and the models can be easily removed.
Plate sized 220 * 220 * 3mm (8.7 * 8.7 * 0.1in), can be placed on top of existing hotbed surface and be held in place with simple clips.
Super flatness, fast and uniform heating. As the hotbed heats to higher temperatures, it provides even more adhesion, especially for PLA material.
Fits for 220*220mm hotbed and more 3D printer hotbed which can match the size of the glass plate.

Color: Black
Material: Carbon Silicon Crystal Glass
Temperature Settings for Different Filaments:
-PLA: 50-70℃
-Flexible Filament: 50-70℃
-ABS: 100-125℃(110℃ is Recommended)
-PC: 100-130℃(120℃ is Recommended)
-Nelon: 90-120℃(110℃ is Recommended)
-PP: 100-130℃(120℃ is Recommended)
-PETG: 50-70℃
Item Size: 220 * 220 * 3mm/ 8.7 * 8.7 * 0.1in
Item Weight: 467g/ 16.5oz
Package Size: 25.7 * 25 * 5cm/ 10.1 * 9.8 * 2.0in
Package Weight: 612g/ 21.6oz

1. This surface is incredibly sticky at high temperatures for plastics such as PETG, PLA, and ABS. Once the print has finished, DO NOT immediately try to remove the model from the glass bed with force!
2. This glass bed must come down to room temperature for the advanced surface to "release" the model. Attempting to forcibly remove the print from the glass bed at high temperature WILL DAMAGE the proprietary surface.

Package List:
1 * Glass Plate