Aqara ZNLDP11LM LED Light Bulb

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The Aqara smart LED bulb is a bulb that can adjust the brightness and color temperature freely. It has built-in Zigbee wireless communication can flexibly realize remote control, setting time , and multi-device control. The small body exudes a lot of energy. E27 interface, high-energy-saving LED bulb, large light-emitting area. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, gardens, etc.

*APP Remote Control-- Control household lights anytime, anywhere with your phone.
*Siri Voice Control Designed-- Through the Apple IOS built in Siri, You can turn on the lights, adjust brightness and color temperature with a simple command.(Only work with Aqara Hub can Support this Function).
*Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature freely -- You can adjust brightness and color temperature, turn the bulb to warm yellow light for dinner table, bright light for living room  welcome to the friends.
*Timed Switches-- -- Different light settings for different time of a day. lighting can be changed according to the pace of the life. You can enjoy the comfort and convenient brought by intelligent devices.
*Compatible with Mijia APP and App HomeKit APP-- You can use the APP easily control the Hub and connect to the Aqara LED light bulb. It can also set automatic settings so that the Aqara LED light bulb will connect with other homekit.  devices. Providing a smarter and convenient experience to you.
* Suitable for various occasion--suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, gardens and Balcony etc.

Model: ZNLDP12LM
Input: 220V-240V 50/60Hz (please confirm whether you can use the voltage or not in your country, thank you)
Power: 9W
Life span: 25000h
Size: 6*12cm/2.36 × 4.72 in
Color temperature: 2700K-6500K
Wireless: Zigbee
Lamp holder: E27
Maximum luminous flux: 806lm
Package weight:150g/5.29oz
Package size: 14*7*5cm/5.51*2.75*1.96in
Package list:

1*LED bulb

1. What functions are supported by the Aqara LED Light Bulb?
This light bulb supports adjustable brightness and color temperature, app control, connectivity with other smart devices, timed switch, delayed switch, and other functions.

2. Does the Aqara LED Light Bulb support adjustable color?
No, the light bulb only supports adjustable brightness and color temperature.

3. Can the Aqara LED Light Bulb be directly controlled by a phone?
No, the light bulb must first be paired with a hub then it can be controlled through the phone app.

4. What is the input voltage range for the Aqara LED Light Bulb?
The bulb supports 220-240V~ 50/60Hz input voltage.

5. Can the Aqara LED Light Bulb be used by itself?
This smart light bulb can be used as a regular light bulb by itself. However, if you wish to use app control, smart connectivity or other functions, the bulb must first be binded to a hub.

6. What base type does the Aqara LED bulb fit?
Standard E27

7. Does the Aqara LED Light Bulb support light fixtures with built-in dimmer switches (for example, table lamps with dimmer toggles)?
No, do not install the light bulb in light fixtures with dimmer switches to prevent damage to the product.

8. How to reset the Aqara LED Light Bulb?
Turn the light bulb on and off 5 times in a row using the physical switch. The bulb is reset when the bulb flashes twice and then stays on.

9. Does the Aqara LED Light Bulb support voice control?
Yes, the light bulb supports Xiaomi AI speaker, Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker min, and Siri voice control (the bulb must be binded with an Aqara Hub to activate Siri voice control functions).

10. Can the Aqara LED Light Bulb save my preferred brightness and color temperature?
Yes, the Aqara LED Light Bulb has 6 different default modes, relax, night light, movie, wake up, dinner, and reading. Additionally, users can save their preferred brightness and color temperature through the Mi home app.