Motorcycle Speedometer Instrument LCD Digital Tachometer Gauge Odometer 7 Colors with Fault Warning Light for RX2N 4 cylinders 400CC 5000rpm

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Made of high-performance waterproof material, it is safe and durable.
Multi-function display:
Speed display, oil quantity display, engine fault light, over-speed warning light, 10*1000RPM, clock display, turn indicator light, high-beam display light, N-speed display light, etc.
Backlight color:
7 colors to switch freely: when the odometer is in the ODO state, press the button for 3 seconds to switch the backlight color.
Suitable for motorcycles up to 4 cylinders and below 400CC
Special Features:speed, odo, trip, gear position, rpm, icons, fuel, clock etc
For detailed usage, please refer to the instruction manual:

Instructions for use:
1. Short press the right button to cycle through the three states of ODO, TRIP and MAX.
2. ODO status long press the right button to switch the LCD backlight, the default is blue backlight, turn orange after switching, release long press, turn blue
3. Press the right button in the TRIP state, and the TRIP is cleared.
4.MAX: display speed, clock hour flash, short press plus 1, then long press to switch to the position flash, short press plus 1, then long press to exit
5. Background setting: the left and right buttons are long pressed, enter the setting, flash when entering, short press left to modify, right click short one (next) flash, the order is (perimeter-standard-speed pulse number - Speed ​​pulse number - Speed ​​signal polarity, short press right to exit.
6. Unit, engine fault light, water temperature light negative control: left and right turn signal, high-beam, positive control

Color: Black
Material: ABS
Input voltage: 12V
Product size: 14*10cm
Packing size: 14.1 * 21.5 * 9.5cm / 5.55 * 8.46 * 3.74in
Package Weight: 250g / 8.12oz

Package list:
1*Digital meter 
1* Manual