SMART SENSOR ST6813 Handheld Illuminometer LCD Color Screen Digital Illuminance Light Lux Meter Measurement Tool Battery Operated Photometer Luxmeter with 180° Rotatable Probe Measuring Range Up to 100,000 Lux / 10,000 FC and 1pc Tool Bag for Indoor Plant Grow LED Lights

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With measuring range up to 100,000 Lux and 10,000 FC, this handheld LCD digital illuminance meter designed with a 180° rotatable sensor, which can be applied for the photometric measurement of stage performance, mall, library, plant cultivation, headlight, production workshop, etc.

[Professional LED Light Meter] Visible light emitted by fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp, high voltage sodium lamp or incandescent lamp can be measured.
[Wide Measuring Range] Measures luminosity from 1 to 100,000 Lux and 1 to 10,000 FC. 
[Accurate Measurement] High accuracy of ±(3%+5Lux) (at 2854K incandescent lamps); ±(6%+5Lux) others.
[Practical Function] Press the Data Hold button to freeze the displayed reading; auto/manual range for accurate measurement; unit conversion between Lux and FC is available.
[User-Friendly] Measures 7.32*2.16*1.18in and weighs 4.97oz, featuring compact and lightweight; photosensitive probe can be rotated clockwise in 180°; and LCD HD color screen ensures clear visibility even in low-light area.

*Batteries are not included.
*The 180° rotatable sensor is only turning toward the right.
*One Lux is the light received on the surface of a candle with a vertical intensity of 1 meters and an area of 1 square meters.
*One FC is the light received on the surface of a 1 inch square foot at a distance of 1 feet from a candle with a light intensity.

Range: 1~1000 / 1~10000 / 1~100,000(LUX); 1~100 / 1~1000 / 1~10000(FC)
Accuracy: ±(3%+5Lux) (at 2854K incandescent lamps); ±(6%+5Lux) others; 
Cosine angle deviation characteristics: 30° ±2%;60° ±6%;80° ±25%
Resolution: 0.1Lux(<1000), 1Lux(≥1000); 0.01FC(<100), 0.1FC(<1000), 1FC(≥1000)
Sensor: Silicon photo-diode and spectral response filter
Operating Temperature/Humidity/Altitude: 0-40℃, <80%RH, <2000m
Sampling Rate: Approx. 2 times per second
Spectral Range: 320-730nm
Auto Power Off: 10 minutes
Max/Min Measurement: Yes
Data Hold: Yes
Power: 3 * 1.5V AAA(LR03)batteries(not included)

Model: ST6813
Color: Red
Material: ABS
Item Size: 18.6*5.5*3cm / 7.32*2.16*1.18in
Package Size: 24.3*8.9*5cm / 9.56*3.5*1.96in
Item Weight: 141g / 4.97oz
Package Weight: 245g / 8.64oz

Packing List:
1 * Luxmeter
1 * Storage Bag
1 * Certificate of Calibration
1 * User Manual(English)