100A DC LCD Panel Digital Power Watt Meter Monitor Voltage KWh Voltmeter Ammeter

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Measurement precision, large-screen LCD liquid crystal screen display clearly. 
Large-screen LCD screen full display function (display voltage, current, active power, power). 
The power alarm threshold preset function (can set up their own power alarm threshold). 
Power-down data storage function.
Backlight function.
The power button clear function. 
Working Voltage:6.5~100V
Test Voltage: 6.5~100V
Test Current: 0~100A
Measurement Accuracy:1.0 
Item Size:90*50*25mm/3.5*2.0*1.0in
Item Weight:60g/2.1oz
Packge Size: 100*55*30mm/3.9*2.2*1.2in
Package Weight:80g/2.8oz

Packing List:
1 x 100A DC Digital LED Power Panel Meter 
1 x User Manual