DC 12V/24V Submersible Pump for Pumping Diesel Oil Water 51mm Water Oil Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Refueling

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Pump is made of stainless steel , hard to rust, which is non-toxic materials, anti-corrosion and enduring. 
It can transfer diesel oil, fuel water or kerosene  and safely.
It is forbidden to pump gasoline, alcohol, acid and alkali and other flammable, explosive and corrosive liquids.
It is suitable for harvester, large agricultural machinery, construction machinery, big wheel towing and other field operation refueling inconvenient means of transportation and equipment and machinery that cannot reach the gas station refueling.
The pump adopts DC 12V/24V DC motor, put 12V/24V plug in a car battery or a cigarette lighter rather than plug it into a socket.
It is very easy to use and can reuse multiple times, economical and very practical.
The pump is designed for diesel and the bottom of the pump need to be completely submerged in the liquid when it is used.

Material: Stainless steel
Drive Mode: electrodynamic
Voltage: DC 12V, /24V (optional)
Current: 1.8A( 12V), 0.8A (24V)
Power: 60W
Flow Rate: 30L/min
Outer Diameter: 51mm / 2in
Oil Out Diameter: 19mm / 0.75in
Pump Lift: 3m / 118in
Motor Racing Speed: 8500r/min
Wire Length: 3m / 118in
Packing: Carton
Package Size: 20*11*5.5cm / 7.87*4.3*2.2in
Packege Weight: 481g / 17oz

Method Of Application: 
1.Take a good self-contain oil hose, and then the pump completely into the clean oil (or water) .
2.Put 12v/24V plug in a car battery or a cigarette lighter rather. 
3.The red click is to connect positive pole, the black click is to connect negative pole.
4.The pump after use, should put the oil from the oil (or water out) 

1.Diesel pump operated by DC 12V/24V motor, full sealed device.
2.The motor is insulated to the shell.
3.When it works,first should put clean diesel pump in the middle of diesel bucket, does not allow empty load operation.
4.Pay attention to the load capacity of bucket when the pump is running,do not exceed load capacity line.
5.The pump is strictly prohibited pumping gasoline, alcohol and other flammable liquids.
6.The oil outlet hose is self-provided .
7.This product is mainly composed of diesel,pumping,continuo us work after 50 minutes,must cooling oil pump before use.
8.Don't make change the anode and cathode of battery clamp.

Package List:
1 * Pump