100Pcs SC Tinned Copper Lug Ring Wire Connector Connecting Terminal Bare Cable Terminal

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Used for the connection between copper wire and electrical equipment, this professional set of ring lug connecting terminal comes in ten different sizes with a plastic box, which is easy to use and excellent for outdoor installations and marine environment applications.

- Copper Material: For max current flow, safe & environmentally friendly.
- Tinned Surface: Corrosion & Rust Prevention.
- 100Pcs with 10 Different Sizes: Different sizes can meet different needs.
- Sizes Stamped on the Pad : Wire and stud sizes are stamped on the pad, easy to recognize.
- Flared Opening: Easy for wire insertion.
- Close End Pad: Seal the moisture and keep the cable dry.
- Come with Plastic Case: Convenient to carry and great for storage.
- Wide Application: Can be crimped or soldered, has a long service life.

Material: Tinned Copper
Color: Silver
Quantity: 100pcs
Item Size (100pcs in total):
SC6-6: 15pcs
SC6-8: 15pcs
SC10-6: 15pcs
SC10-8: 15pcs
SC16-6: 10pcs 
SC16-8: 10pcs  
SC25-6: 5pcs 
SC25-8: 5pcs
SC35-8: 5pcs
SC35-10: 5pcs
Item Weight (100pcs in total): Approx. 300g / 10.58oz
Package Size: Approx. 17*9.5*2.3cm / 6.69*3.74*0.91in
Package Weight: Approx. 364g / 12.84oz

Packing List:
15 * SC6-6
15 * SC6-8
15* SC10-6
15 * SC10-8
10 * SC16-6 
10 * SC16-8  
5 * SC25-6 
5 * SC25-8
5 * SC35-8
5 * SC35-10
1 * Plastic Case