Bridge Pin Hole Reamer Tools T-Handle Tapered 6 Fluted Acoustic Guitar Woodworker Cutting Tool

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The bridge pin hole reamer is 6 fluted with a T-Handle and comes with handle grips for extra leverage to help keep the holes round.
Made of hardened carbon steel and ground steel edge's, very durable.
This steel reamers has the properly tapers the holes for bridge pins or endpins.
Suitable for tapering hole on the wood board, wood sink holes, chamfers, inverted taper.
DIY supplies for woodworking.

Material: 45# Steel
Color: As picture
Usage: Hinge taper, for use in wood sink holes, chamfers, back taper
Size: 3-13mm 1 : 10
Item Size: 142 * 13.5mm
Item Weight: 91g / 3.2oz
Package Size: 190 * 40 * 14mm
Package Weight: 92g / 3.2oz

Packing List:
1 * 6 Fluted Bridge Pin Hole Reamer Tapered Woodworker Cutting Tool