10 Pcs Nail Buffer Block Sanding Sponge Nail Buffers Files Manicure Pedicure Grinding Polishing

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A must have for your nail art work, it helps to polish your nail. Made of safe and durable material, easy to use. The buffer is easy to file edges, remove ridges, smooth and shine your nails, use it as like in nail's salon. Don't hesitate, buy it now!

Perfect for general manicure purpose, suitable for professional use, used for finger and toe nails.
Nail polish strips are small and cute, easy to carry, and can be used to polish your nails anytime, anywhere.
The inside material of the nail buffers is a very dense sponge and it has an extremely fine sanding on the 4 sides, lightweight and convenient to use.
Gently smooth your nail surface in any direction without damaging the nail. Nail block is a good tool for acrylic nails, fake nail tips, natural nails; use before using nail polish or nail care.
The high-density sponge make you feels more comfortable and does not harm the skin when sanding. It is a common tool for nail salons to polish nail surfaces.

Name: Nail Buffer Block
Material: Sponge
Color: (#1) Pink; (#2) Purple / Blue / Green / Orange / Yellow
Package Size: 19 * 18. 5* 2.5cm / 7.48 * 7.28 * 0.98in
Package Weight: 35g / 1.23oz

Package List:
10 * Nail Buffer Blocks