Outlet Wall Mount Holder Only for Google Nest WiFi Router Easy Installation and No Cord Clutter Holder Bracket No Screws, White, 3 Pack

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*Pefect Fit: The Outlet Wall Mount is ONLY designed for Google Nest WiFi Router. Perfect match and close fit.(Only for U.S. Version)
*Simple Design: It's designed with cord slot on the back which manage the messy wires very well. Wrap the cord around the reel and hide it perfectly on the back of the holder. Make your Google Nest WiFi Router look clean and tidy. The WIFI signal will not be affected. 
*Easy to Move: Mount the eero WiFi on the holder and move to any position you want, anytime, anywhere, as long as there is a socket. Make the setup of your network so much easier.
*Safety Mounting: Mounting high on the wall or ceiling, keeps your Google Nest WiFi Router damage by cup overflowing water, pets, children or carelessly falling from the table.
*High Quality: This outlet wall mount is made of high quality ABS plastic with lightweight, which can support your device longer.

Material: ABS 
Color: White
Quantity: 1/2/3PCS optional
Mainly for: Google Nest WiFi Router US Version
Mounting Place: anywhere with a socket

Package Information:
1PCS/Set: Package Size: Approx. 16.8*12*7.1cm/6.1*4.2*3.3in 
                Package Weight: Approx. 175g/6.2oz          
2PCS/Set: Package Size: Approx. 19.9*12*7.1cm/6.1*4.2*3.3in 
                Package Weight: Approx. 302g/10.7oz          
3PCS/Set: Package Size: Approx. 19.9*12*12cm/6.4*4.6*3.8in 
                Package Weight: Approx. 441g/15.6oz          

Package List:
1/2/3* Outlet Wall Mount