Tronxy 3D Upgrade Parts Assembled MK10 Extruder Hotend Kit with Aluminum Heating Block 0.4mm Nozzle 100K Ohm Thermistor PTFE Tube 24V 50W Compatible with X5SA/X5SAPRO/XY-2PRO 3D Printer

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MK10 assembled extruder hotend kit is compatible with X5SA/X5SAPRO/XY-2PRO 3D printer.
0.4mm nozzle; 1.75 filament size; aluminum heating block; and heater wire 24V 50W.
100K ohm thermistor with pin head, 1 meter PTFE tube for 1.75mm filament.
Made of aluminum, with excellent heat resistance and heat insulation, durable and smooth printing.
Nozzle with silicone protective cover, safer and faster heating.

Heat Sink Material: Aluminum
Heater Block Material: Aluminum
Nozzle Material: Brass
Filament Diameter: for 1.75mm
Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
Heating Wire: 24V 50W
Tube Length: 1m/ 3.3ft
Heater Block Size: 23 * 23 * 13mm/ 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.5in
Package Size: 18 * 15 * 3cm / 7.1 * 5.9 * 1.2in
Package Weight: 88g / 3.1oz

Packing List:
1 * Hotend Extruder Kit