Fingerprint Safes Portable Security Box Car Safebox

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Adopts steel case, high-quality plastic, zinc alloy lock, special iron hinge, imported chip, durable to use.
The recognition rate of the optical fingerprint module is much higher than that of the scratch fingerprint module.
Supports up to 120 fingerprint users. The first three fingerprints are administrator fingerprints, and new fingerprints need administrator approval.
The included safety rope is made of stainless steel, keeping this cabinet from stealing. It can be used to secure the safe in the car or on the bed.
With the size of A4 paper and the thickness of 50mm, this device can be placed in the luggage, or placed on the desk, drawer, bookshelf, or in the car.
The included elastic band and soft cushions in the box protect your belongings from scratches or damages.
The spare key is not controlled by the electronic closing system, so it can be used to open the device and replace the battery if there is no electricity.

1. Before using the safe, please read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions for fingerprint entry.
2. When using fingerprint to unlock, please dry your hands as much as possible, because moisture will affect fingerprint recognition.
3. Do not leave the key in the safe, just in case the safe cannot be unlocked without power.

Model: OS100A
Power Supply: 4 * AA batteries (NOT included)
Material: Steel
Color: Black
Item Size: 275*190*50mm
Package Size: 315*230*80mm
Package Weight: 2050g

Package List:
1 * Fingerprint Safe
2 * Keys
1 * Stainless Steel Rope
1 * User Manual