Multifunctional 0.4m LED Light Soft Box Set Double light strip 2 color background cloth

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Assemble your own photo-studio anywhere in minutes, you can unfold this LED softtbox and place it on any surface to get the perfect backdrop for small articles.

Suitable fo business photography, taking pictures for products selling online, especially for cell phone and accessories, fashion jewelry, small gadgets, etc.
Dual led strips with stepless light adjusted, no strobe, suitable for mobile phone shooting.
High color rendering index to restore the true color of the product.
USB power, convenient and quick to get it worked.
Portable folding buttons structure design, more convenient to install and carry, built-in led light, providing dimmable light and prevents shadows and reflections in your photos.
The structural material is a hard polypropylene material with a matte-finished surface, practical yet lightweight. Waterproof, anti-flaming. Keep cleaning and neat by wet cloth to wipe it directly. Resist compression.
Skid resistance with hooks fixed. Non reflective, focusing your photography and earning more professional and more beautiful pictures.

Backdrop quantity: 2pcs(balck+white), 4pcs(black+white+red+green), 6pcs(black+white+red+green+yellow+blue) (optional)
Material: polypropylene
Opened size: 0.40 * 0.41 * 0.42m
Light source: LED light straps
Package size: 450 * 440 * 30mm / 17.7 * 17.3 * 1.2in
Package weight: 1300g / 2.9lb

Packing List:
1 * Softbox
2 * LED Light Straps
1 * USB Cable
2 * Backdrop
1 * Carry Bag