PULUZ Mobile Live Set Aluminum Rabbit Cage Set with Microphone Mini Tripod

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This set of products is very suitable for mobile phone live broadcast, with LED lights, tripod and microphone, so that you can free your hands and not be bound when live broadcast.

Suitable for mobile phone live broadcast.
With LED light, microphone and tripod.
Free your hands when you live on your cell phone.
The size of the bracket can be freely adjusted with the size of the phone.
The fine quality mobile phone live broadcast package allows you to enjoy your live broadcast life.

Item type: Live Broadcast Kits
Color: Black
Material: Aluminium alloy
Package weight: 855g / 1.88pounds
Package size: 280 * 180 * 80mm / 11 * 7.08 * 3.14inches

Package list:
1 * stable frame
2 * Mini Tripods
2 * Connection tools
1 * Phone clamp
1 * Microphone
1 * Cable
1 * LED light