Camera Quick Release Clamp Aluminum Alloy Screw Knob Clamp with Lever for AS Quick Release Plate

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With aluminum alloy body, knob-type and lever design, the quick release clamp is of high quality and provides fast loading and unloading experience.

The quick release clamp is designed for AS quick release plate and 3/8 inch screw tripod, ball head, etc.
Aluminum alloy material has high strength and is not easy to deform.
Modern anodization and CNC machine processing techniques for better visual effect.
The fine scale on the edge enables precise adjustment of tightness for quick release plate.
Compatible with Arca Swiss Standard, the clamp suits a wide range of quick release plates, such as RRS, Markins, Sirui, etc.

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Screw: 3/8 Inch Screw Hole
Package Size: 6 * 9 * 9cm / 2.4 * in
Package Weight: 105g / 3.7oz

Package List:
1 * Quick Release Clamp
1 * 3/8 Inch to 1/4 Inch Screw Adapter