K&F CONCEPT 100*150*2.0mm Pro Hard GND8(0.9) Square Filter 100mm Graduated Neutral Density Filter HD Optical Glass Waterproof Scratch Resistant

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Material & Size & Weight: Adopt Germany top optical glass to product the professional hard GND8(0.9) filter. Size: 100*150*2.0mm. Weight: 47.5g. It is usable with any 100mm holder system.
Double-sided Anti-reflective Coating: By double-sided multi-layer anti-reflective coating, the reflected light can be reduced to below 0.4% to eliminate the influence on imaging.
Multi-layer Coating Low Reflectivity: Reduce glare caused by diffuse reflection. Only has 1.5% reflectivity.
Nanometer Coating: Waterproof, oil resistant, scratch resistant.
Compatible with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Tokina, Sigma, Zeiss, Panasonic, Tamron, Samyang, Rokinon and other lens brands. Comes with a PU leather storage bag for the GND8(0.9) filter.

Model: KF01.1168
Material: Optical glass
Item Size: 15 * 10 * 0.2cm / 5.9 * 3.9 * 0.08inch
Item Weight: 47.5g / 1.7oz
Package Size: 19.5 * 14.5 * 3.5cm / 7.7 * 5.7 * 1.4inch
Package Weight: 310g / 10.9oz

Package List:
1 * KF01.1168 Pro Hard GND8 Square Filter
1 * PU Leather Bag for Square Filter