FULLYMAX 3S 11.1V 600mAh 70C High Rate XT60 Plug LiPo Battery for 130 FPV Racing Quadcopter RC Car Boat

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FULLYMAX 3S 11.1V 600mAh 70C li-po battery with XT60 plug for RC fans. This battery is suitable for 130 wheelbase RC FPV racing drone and other RC car and boat with XT60 plug. Perfect choice for you to enjoy more flying fun.

Rechargeable Li-po battery.
11.1V high power and 600mAh capacity.
70C high discharge rate provides more power.
Stable output current, protect your RC drone.
Sustaining high rate discharge and durable in use.
Suitable for 130 FPV racing quadcopter, etc.

Brand Name: FULLYMAX
Material: Li-po
Battery capacity: 600mAh
Discharge rate: 70C
Voltage: 11.1V / 3S
Suitable for: 130 FPV racing quadcopter, etc.
Item dimension: 59 * 30 * 18mm
Item weight: 60g
Connector: XT60 plug

There may be deviation due to manual measurement.

Caution for the battery:
Don't over-charge, or over-discharge batteries.
Don't put it beside the high temperature condition.
Don't throw it into fire.
Don't throw it into water.

Package information:
Package size: 14 * 6 * 6cm / 5.5 * 2.4 * 2.4in
Package weight: 104g / 3.7oz
General box package

Package list:
1 * FULLYMAX 3S 11.1V 600mAh 70C li-po battery
1 * User manual