Electric Guitar Strings Hexagon Alloy Wire Nickel Wound Bright Corrosion Resistant 6 Strings Set (.009-.042) Extra Light Special

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Made of hexagon alloy steel core and nickel wound, protect from deformation and corrosion for long-term use.
The widely accepted nickel, as a string winding material, makes the high and low frequency tone sufficient and lasting.
The overall timbre is full of texture, which can meet the performance needs of professional musicians with high timbre need.
They are particularly suitable for rock, funk, and any style music in which the bass is needed.
Each string is attached to a holed ball-end for convenient replacement and installation.

Type: DNF-009(.009-.042) / DNF-010(.010-.046)(optional)
Material: Interior Wire -- Hexagon Alloy
          Exterior Wire -- Nickel
E string (1st): 0.009inch / 0.23mm
B string (2nd): 0.011inch / 0.28mm
G string (3rd): 0.016inch / 0.41mm
D string (4th): 0.024inch / 0.61mm
A string (5th): 0.032inch / 0.81mm
E string (6th): 0.042inch / 1.07mm
String Length: 980mm Wound
Package Size: 16 * 15.3 * 1.9cm / 6.2 * 6 * 0.7in
Package weight: 166g / 1.2oz

Package List:
1 * 6 Strings Set