KORG VOLCA MIX 4-channel Mini Analog Mixer Mixing Bus

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Volume faders are easy to control, plus crisp-sounding LO/HI CUT filters, and a master chain that radically transforms the sound. In addition to the sync function found on all volcas, there are also DC output connectors that can supply power for up to three volca units. Numerous functions to facilitate your on-stage volca performances have been packed into a high-quality aluminum-paneled body, reminiscent of a high-end DJ mixer.

Portable 4-channel Mixer: The volca mix is a four-channel analog mixer with an intuitive interface and plenty of connectivity, providing 2 mono inputs and 1 stereo input, gain control and mute button, LO/HI CUT filter function. Included accessories: The volca mix comes with AC adapter, DC-DC cables, and audio cables included.
Sync Out as Master: The volca mix features an analog sync out jack that can easily be connected to many pieces of KORG gear for tempo sync, and also a play button and tempo knob to control that sync signal. With the volca mix as the sync master, you can simultaneously play sequences from multiple synced units and combine mute and volume control to create performances.
Powerful Master Chain: The volca mix is equipped with master effects powered by all-analog circuitry. In addition to an expander that broadens a mono source into a stereo sound image, there’s a dynamic range compressor that compresses the high-frequency range according to level changes of the low-frequency region, as well as a side chain effect that’s indispensable for dance music.
External Effect Unit Connection: The volca mix provides a stereo mini-jack send out and AUX in jack, and send level knobs for each channel. This allows you to use it with an external effect unit in a send/return connection.The AUX in jack can also be used as a stereo input channel for a fourth volca unit, an iOS app, or any other gadget, instrument, or device.
Three VOLCA DC OUT Jacks Provided: By connecting the included DC-DC cables you can supply power for up to three volca units. Even when using multiple volca units on stage, you won’t need to bother with adapters or bring another power strip; just concentrate on your performance with a streamlined setup and breakdown.

Brand: KORG
Model: Volca Mix
Main Material: Plastic
Mixer Type: 4 channel analog mixer
Number of Channels: Two monaural*1, one stereo*2 *1: Monaural output volca: volca keys, volca bass, volca beats, volca kick *2: Stereo output volca: volca sample, volca fm
Channel Controls: Lo/Hi Cut, Send Level, Mute, Volume (Available to boost +6 dB gain)
Bus: Four channels analogue mix bus, monaural mix send bus, stereo AUX In/Return bus
Master: Volume
Master Effects: Analog Stereo Width Expander (Width), Analog Dynamic Range Compressor (Dynamics, Speed)
Sync Controls: Play, Tempo
Mixer Input: Mixer In x 3 (1/8" [3.5 mm] stereo mini jack, 0dBu)
AUX: AUX In (1/8" [3.5 mm] stereo mini jack, 0dBu)
Send: Send Out (1/8" [3.5 mm] stereo mini jack, 0dBu)
Sync: 3.5mm stereo mini jack
Audio Output: LINE OUT (L/R, RCA pin jack, Max 11.1 dBu) Headphone (1/8" [3.5 mm] stereo mini jack)
Speaker: Built-in stereo speakers, On/Off
Power: AC power adapter(DC 9V)
Current Consumption: 300mA
Output Power: VOLCA DC Out * 3
Dimension: 19.3 * 11.5 * 4.5cm / 7.60 * 4.53 * 1.77in
Weight: 350g / 12.35oz
Package Size: 30.5 * 15.3 * 7.1cm / 12 * 6.02 * 2.80in
Package Weight: 850g / 29.98oz

Packing List:
1 * Audio Mixer
1 * AC Power Adapter
3 * DC-DC Cables
3 * Audio Cables
1 * User Manual