Dolamo D-5 Mark IV Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal Distortion Pedal with True Bypass for Electric Guitar

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A great sounding distortion effect pedal which is heavily influenced by the sound of the Mesa boogie Mark IV Amp. Featuring two gain controls to control high and low levels of distortion. To get the best results from this pedal, it should be used with a Tube Amp.

Affordable, with good quality.
Wide range of distortion.
Twin gain controls for high and low distortion.
Overall level control.
True bypass. On/Off LED status indicator.
Sturdy alloy casing.

Brand: Dolamo
Model: D-5
Material: Alloy materials
Color: Grey
Working Current: 30mA
Working Voltage: DC 9V
Item Size: 9.7 * 6.6 * 4.7cm / 3.8 * 2.6 * 1.9inch
Item Weight: 200g / 7.1oz
Package Size: 11 * 7.5 * 4.9cm / 4.3 * 3 * 1.9inch
Package Weight: 221g / 7.8oz

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1 * Dolamo D-5 Mark IV Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal