Sound Hunter Guitar Pickup Acoustic Guitar Onboard Active Piezo Pick Up

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Fit for guitar / ukulele / violin resonance box vocal musical instruments.
The pickup anti-disturb, has good effect on picking up, can make less noise.
Independent microphone, volume & tone controls.
The active pickup can more effectively restore the real sound quality, ensuring the uniform picking-up of every string, without sound breaking, letting you enjoy wonderful music.
The plug of the pickup piezo rod is welded with seamless copper tube, which has higher reliability. Fully shielded signal transmission can effectively reduce noise.
Comes with a nylon battery bag for convenient battery replacement. Power supply is from external 9V alkaline battery.

Brand: Sound Hunter
Pickup Input Impedance: 40M Ohms
Output Impedance: 1K Ohms
Current Drain: 2.1mA
Tone Control Range: ±10dB at 10KHz
Mix Knob: Adjust C-Mic Level
Endpin Size: 13mm diameter, 59mm length
Connecting Cable Size: Battery cable length: 435mm; Output cable length: 553mm
Plug Size: φ2.5mm
Power Supply: Compatible with 9V alkaline battery (not included)
Piezo Size: Cable length: 320mm; Working part length: 95mm
Pickup Size: 5.8 * 1.4 * 6.4cm / 2.3 * 0.6 * 2.5inch
Pickup Weight: 46g / 1.6oz
Package Size: 20 * 14 * 4cm / 7.9 * 5.5 * 1.6inch
Package Weight: 137g / 4.8oz

Packing List:
1 * Guitar Pickup
1 * Pickup Piezo Rod
2 * Double Sided Tape
1 * T-shaped Accessory
1 * Nylon Battery Bag

Battery is not included in the package.