Flatsons COMPRESSOR Mini Compress Guitar Effect Pedal Full Metal Shell True Bypass

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Compressor pedal with fully analog circuit and a broader adjustable range.
SUSTAIN-adjust the compression radio, ATTACK-set the attack time of compression effect, LEVEL-control the level of the signal.
True bypass footswitch for switching between compress and bypass status.
With LED light for indicating effects or bypass status.
Full metal shell and compact size, durable and portable.

Input: 1/4 inch monaural Jack
Output: 1/4 inch monaural Jack
Power Supply: DC 9V 300mA adapter (center minus plug)(not included)
Item Size: 9.5 * 4 * 3.5cm/ 3.7 * 1.6 * 1.4in
Item Weight: 170g/ 6oz
Package Size: 10 * 6.5 * 6cm/ 3.9 * 2.6 * 2.4in
Package Weight: 205g/ 7.2oz

Power adapter is not included.
Please use the power adapter whose polarity is positive pole outside and negative pole inside. Otherwise, the product may not work properly.

Package List:
1 * Effect Pedal
1 * User Manual