ammoon 8 Inches B Note Crystal Singing Sound Bowl Set

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The crystal sound bowl with resonant vibrations is suitable for you to purify the mind and release pressure via healing therapy, meditation, Yoga practice.
The sound waves are monotonous, but they tend to send our brains into Alpha wave or even Theta wave, then we tend to deepen your clarity and serenity.
Ideal to be a constant spiritual companion, and there are 3 sizes of 8 inch(B Note) / 9 inches(A Note) / 10 inches(G Note) for you to choose.
Made of pure quartz, provides with beautiful appearance, great touch feeling and wonderful sound and keeps features of high hardness and corrosion resistance.
A complete sound bowl set includes a crystal sound bowl, a hollow striker, a rubber ring and a storage bag, then we can play, carry and store the bowl easily.
Two ways to use it. One is by tapping on the wall of a crystal bowl. One is by using mallet to rub the wall in positive direction or back direction.

Color: White
Size: 8 inch(B Note) / 9 inches(A Note) / 10 inches(G Note)(optional)
Material: Quartz
Mallet Length: 18cm / 7in
Item Size: 24.8 * 24.8 * 19cm / 9.7 * 9.7 * 7.4in
Package Size: 31 * 30 * 25.5cm / 12.2 * 11.8 * 10in
Package Weight: 3.0kg / 6.6lb

Package List:
1 * Sound Bowl
1 * Hollow Mallet
1 * Rubber Ring
1 * Storage Bag