Drinking Straw for AONIJIE Soft Running Water Bottle Straw Hydration Bottle Long Sucker

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This soft hydration bottle is useful for outdoor sports like bodybuilding, playing basketball etc, also a nice choice for picnic, party and so on. 

LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT: Soft bottle collapsible for easy use, storage and transport.
SIMPLE: One hand operation with bite valve allows you to stay hydrated on the go, running etc.
FUNCTIONAL: Wide mouth design with 2-piece cap comes apart for easy cleaning.
RELIABLE: Constructed with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for superior durability and flexibility.
GREEN: Ultra-reusable and uses less energy and materials to make, BPA-free.
GIFT: Come with an extra long straw so you do not need to lower head but suck directly during sports.

Material: TPU
Color: Dark blue
Capacity: 250ml / 500ml (Optional)
Water Temperature: 0-40℃ / 32-104℉
Bottle Weight: 27g / 0.95oz  
Bottle Size: 226 * 60mm / 8.9 * 2.4in 
Straw length: 27cm / 10.6in
Package Weight: 59g / 2.0oz

Package List: 
1 * Soft Hydration Bottle
1 * Straw