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This is a pair of cycling gloves, anti-slip and breathable. Wearing this gloves your hands will be protected while riding.

The wrist opening is lengthened. The elastic band is more windproof and warm
It has heat storage and warm keeping inside, warm and locked design, outer swimming cloth, inner sponge gasket + warm fleece + short plush.
Reflective design for safer riding at night.
Rain proof and snow proof for winter, thickening waterproof fabric, winter rain and snow days can also wantonly travel.
Suitable for daily leisure, outdoor sports, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, driving and other scenes.
Touching screen, fingertip sensitive touching screen.

Material: Polar fleece
Color: grey
Type: 1,2 (optional)
1: 260g Polar fleece
2: Waterproof fabric + composite polar fleece
Size (cm): M / L / XL / XXL
Hand back length: 23.5
Palms width: 11
Cuff width: 10
Middle finger length: 9.2
Package weight: 85g / 3.0ounce
Hand back length: 24
Palms width: 11.5
Cuff width: 10.5
Middle finger length: 9.4
Package weight: 95g / 3.4ounce
Hand back length: 24.5
Palms width: 12
Cuff width: 11
Middle finger length: 9.6
Package weight: 105g / 3.7ounce
Hand back length: 25 
Palms width: 12.5
Cuff width: 11.5
Middle finger length: 9.8
Package weight: 115g / 4.1ounce
Package size: 250 * 150 * 50mm / 9.8 * 5.9 * 2.0in

Packing List:
1 * Pair of Gloves