450ml / 500ml Outdoor Water Drinking Bottle

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Flexible TPU constructed, 100% BPA and PVC free for safe use during outdoor running, hiking, marathon and climbing.

TPU constructed, 100% BPA and PVC free.
Soft bite valve is easy to drink and prevent leakage.
Easy to fill water with wide open mouth.
Fit easily in most hydration vest or pack.
Nice water bottle for outdoor running, hiking, cycling and marathon.

Material: TPU 
Capacity: 450ml / 500ml (optional)
Water temperature: 0-40°C / 32-104°F
450ml: 27 * 8.8cm / 10.6 * 3.4in 
500ml: 21 * 7.5cm / 8.2 * 2.9in 
Weight: 36-50g / 1.2-1.7oz
Package weight: 40-60g / 1.4-2.1oz 

Package List:
1 * Soft Water Bottle