BRS Portable Palm-sized Camping Outdoor Wood-burning Stove Charcoal Burner BBQ Furnace Electronic Blower Stove

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This stove has a unique fan design which is powered up by 2 AA batteries or a mobile power supply (Both are not included). The power switch has a level of two tranches to change the firepower. The blower also has a damper design, and by adjusting the throttle size, the size of the flame can be fine-tuned. Providing oxygen to the flame by a blower, greatly improves the flame intensity, so that the combustion efficiency is higher.

Palm-sized mini design is impressive and convenient for carrying, light and compact.
With special blower system, the fire power can be adjustable and the combustion efficiency doubles.
Any dry biological material that is combustible can be used  as the source of fuel.
The air output plate on the stove chassis is designed for uniform distribution of fire power.
It is powered up by 2 AA batteries or a moving power supply (both are not included)and has two modes in terms of firepower.
Revolving brackets can be adjustable to fit any pots.
Strong flame: with blower system and adequate oxygen supply, the stove can boil 1L water within one minute.
Turn on the power switch to activate the blower system.
Well packed in a plastic box.

Material: High temperature stainless steel
Color: Silver
Combustion power: 6000W
The biggest weight supported: 24kg
Voltage: 3-5V
Weight: 627g / 22.10oz
Folding size: 13.3 * 11.7 * 7.3cm / 5.24 * 4.61 * 2.87in(L * W * H)  
Unfolding size: 24 * 12cm / 9.45 * 4.72 (L * H)
Package size: 14 *9* 17.5cm / 5.51 * 3.54 * 6.89in (L * W * H)  
Package weight: 800g / 28.20oz

Package List:
1 * Stove
1 * Battery Box
1 * Cable

Open the fan before operation.
5 volt mobile power supply can only be used in temporary emergency, if it is used continuously for a long time, it will shorten the service life of motor.
Never use this stove indoor, in tent or other enclosed environments.
Keep battery box away from high temperature or fire.
Never use liquid fuel.
The stove color will change during operation.