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Say goodbye to double chins and loose facial muscles. Our jaw exerciser promotes face tone firming and chin lift, chisel jawline shaping. Great for anyone who wants to create a more muscular, youthful appearance.

Eliminating fat deposits around jaws and neck, tone and tighten your face, neck and jawline with the fitness balls.
Increase metabolism and reduce cravings by satisfying the desire to chew and eat, a great weight loss assistant.
It can activate all of the facial muscles, increase blood flow and oxygenation, creating a younger appearance.
Made of food-grade silicone and polyurethane, safe to use. Small size, easy to carry with you, and conduct training at any time.
Our Jaw Fitness Balls fit both men's and women's needs from starter to top level.

Product Name: Mandibular fitness ball
Material: Silicone & polyurethane
Color: Blue, Purple, Black (Optional)
Size: 5*5*4cm
Weight: 30g

Package List:
1 * Jaw Fitness Ball