BAOFENG F17 2PCS Mini Walkie Talkie 446.00625- 446.09375 MHz 16CH Portable Handheld Transceiver Interphone VOX Function LED Flashlight FM Two Way Radio

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16 channels adjustable, 446.00625- 446.09375MHz working frequency.
Clearer talking and longer range, stable performance.
Special DCS function, 50 sets of CTCSS, 210 sets of CDCSS, limited time launch function.
USB fast charging. 1500mah Battery, Auto power saving function and low battery alert.
VOX sound-activated function and monitoring function.
Built-in LED flashlight, FM function.
Noise level setting(0-9), Avoid busy channel function and Frequency hopping speech encryption.
Come with 2PCS for your normally talking use.

Channels and Frequencies:
CH.No 1: 446.00625MHz         CH.No 7: 446.08125MHz            CH.No 13: 446.15625MHz 
CH.No 2: 446.01875MHz         CH.No 8: 446.09375MHz            CH.No 14: 446.16875MHz 
CH.No 3: 446.03125MHz         CH.No 9: 446.10625MHz             CH.No 15: 446.18125MHz 
CH.No 4: 446.04375MHz        CH.No 10: 446.11875MHz            CH.No 16: 446.19375 MHz
CH.No 5: 446.05625MHz        CH.No 11: 446.13125MHz        
CH.No 6: 446.06875MHz         CH.No 12: 446.14375MHz

Brand: POFUNG F17
Frequency Range: 446.00625- 446.09375 MHz (PMR446)
Memory Channel: 16
Rated Voltage: DC 3.7V
Battery: 1500mAh Li-ion battery (included)
Battery Life: up to 18 hours 
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Work temperature: -20℃—+50℃
Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm
RF Output Power: ≤500mW ERP
Max frequency deviation: ≤2.5KHz
Audio distortion: ≤3%
Adjacent Channel Power:<60dB 
Receive Sensitivity: <0.2μV @20dB SINAD
Audio distortion: ≤3%
Audio response: 300 Hz ~ 3 KHz
Size: Approx. 145*52*16mm
Package Size: Approx. 21*17*4.8cm/8.3*6.7*1.9in
Package Weight: Approx. 468g/17.1oz

Package List:
2 * Transceiver
2 * Battery
2 * Belt Clip
2 * String
2 * USB Cable
1 * Manual