Yeston R7 350 4G D5 4MINIDP 4-screen Graphics Card Support Split Screen 4G/128bit/GDDR5 700/4500MHz with 4 MiniDP Ports

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4 miniDP ports support 4 split screens display and realize free combination of 4 screens, you can adjust freely between extended mode, replication mode and integration mode.
4G/128bit/GDDR5 memory, delivers smooth gaming and application using experience.
Support 4K/2K/1080P resolution, 30Hz refresh rate.
Support to transfer to VGA, HDMI, DVI display output, can connect more devices.
Heat dissipation fan delivers great airflow performance, provides good gaming experience.
The full-size metal backplate offers all-round protection to the electrical components, ensuring its stability and durability. 

Brand: Yeston 
Model: R7 350 4G D5 4MINIDP
Core name/Process: R7 350/28nm
Cores: 512 units
Core frequency/Memory frequency: 700/4500MHz
Memory: 4G/128bit/GDDR5
3D features: DirectX 12(11_1)/OpenGL 4.6
OS features: Windows 7(64)/Windows 10(64)
Interface type: PCI-Express 3.0 x16
Output interface: MINIDP*4
Item size: 17 * 10.3 * 2cm /6.69 * 4.06 * 0.79in
Item weight: Approx. 200g /7.05oz

Packing list:
1 * Graphic Card
1 * User Manual