50-inch Projector Screen 16:9 Tabletop Projection Screen Manual Pull Up Folding Projecting Screen Home Theater for DLP Projector Handheld Projector

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This Portable Tabletop Projection Screen is the most compact and travel-friendly option for small meetings and mobile presentations. This unique projector screen allows you to set up quickly and easily stand on any tabletop. It is widely used in business presentations, education training, home entertainment, etc.

The HD Projection Screen will bring you perfect experience when you want to enjoy HD movies or play games on a big screen.
No glare, no high reflection, also less tiring on the eyes, making it an ideal projection surface in long lessons or presentations.
Uses standard black backing material to eliminate light penetration; 4-side black edging enhances picture contrast ratio and absorbs light overshoot.
Manual pull up design (simple manual pull-up operation & quick-lock mechanism), portable and simple operation.
The projector screen is highly flexible for use anywhere, such as your bedroom, living room, or conference room.

Operation: Manual Pull Up  
Screen Fabric: Matte White
Color: White with Black

3 Options :
1. 40-inch & 16:9 Aspect Ratio

View Area: 886*498mm
Screen Size: 926*598mm
Net Weight: 1.5KG
Package Size: 103*9*9cm
Package Weight: 2.0KG
2. 50-inch & 16:9 Aspect Ratio
View Area: 1107*623mm
Screen Size: 1147*723mm
Net Weight: 1.8KG
Package Size: 125*9*9cm
Package Weight: 2.4KG
3. 50-inch & 4:3 Aspect Ratio
View Area: 1016*762mm
Screen Size: 1056*860mm
Net Weight: 1.8KG
Package Size: 115*9*9cm
Package Weight: 2.4KG

Package List:
1 * Projection Screen
1 * User Manual