No Wire Charge Machine Adsorption Type Multi-Compatible Intelligent Recognition Charge Machine

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Multifunctional intelligent recognition no wire charge machine, multi-compatible, no wire needs, multiple angle use without limit, multiple protection, quick charge speed, shorten charge time, high effective and practical.

Compact and convenient, easy to settle.
No wire design, adsorption type, convenient quick charge.
Quick charge, independent copper coil, high speed transmission.
Support QI no wire charge, intelligent identification device.
When fully charged, it automatically switches to trickle mode to protect the phone's cell.
FOD, overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, and overtemperature protection.
Built-in sensor probe, no heating when charge.
Alloy material, high hardness, quick heat dissipation, durable and wear-resistant.

Model: 01
Material: Alloy
Color: Black
Access Interface: Type-C Interface
Features: Support QC2.0/3.0 Protocol
Input Current: Direct Current 5v/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/2A 
Output Rate Of Work: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W
Protection: FOD, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Undervoltage, Overtemperature Protection
Working Frequency: 110-205KHZ
Item Weight: 33g / 1.16ounces
Package Weight: 78g / 2.75ounces
Item Size: 77 * 60 * 8mm / 3.03 * 2.36 * 0.31in
Package Size: 120 * 80 * 25mm / 4.72 * 3.15 * 0.98in

Packing List:
1 * No Wire Charge Machine