Telescopic FM Radio Antenna 7 Sections Chromium-plating Copper Antenna 360° Rotatable

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This telescopic FM radio antenna can be connected to FM radios; check the interface of the antenna and your radio, and then choose suitable antenna please.

Made of chromium plate, it is a great replacement for your damaged FM radio antenna.
With retractable 7 sections, this portable FM antenna can be shortened or extended.
This 360° rotatable antenna is convenient to set to a certain angle when it is mounted on your FM radios.
With light weight, it is convenient to take with you anywhere.
With wide frequency range, 45-450MHZ, enhance the receiving signal of your radio.

Model Number: 7B7085E
Frequency: 45-450MHZ
Material: Chromium, Copper
Section Number: 7
Base: φ7 * 16mm, M2.5 Hole
Color: Silver
Maximum stretch length: 54.6cm / 21.49in
Shortest contraction length: 12.8cm / 5.03in
Item Weight: approx. 16g / 0.57oz
Package Size: approx. 13.0 * 0.8 * 0.8cm / 5.11 * 0.31 * 0.31in
Package Weight: approx. 17g / 0.60oz

Package List:
1 * Telescopic Antenna