JSD-520 Bluetooth Car Audio Stereo Player Car Radio

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This car BT player with FM radio, supports a variety of playback modes, with a backlit LCD screen, can display time and function status, built-in microphone, equipped with a remote control, easy to use.

With FM radio, you can listen to weather forecasts, news broadcasts, traffic conditions and more in real time.
Support BT playback, U disk, SD card, AUX IN multiple playback modes, RCA audio output.
With a backlit LCD screen for time and function status.
Rich buttons, corresponding to various functions, with card remote control, full-function remote control operation, easy to use.
Built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

Type: Car MP3 Player
Model: JSD-520(short)
Material: plastic
Color: Silver
Voltage: 12V
Radio frequency: 87.5~108MHz
Sensitivity: 12dB
Frequency Response: 40Hz-15KHz(±3dB)
Max Current Consumption: 15A
Max Output Power: 4*60W
Package Size: 20.1 * 11 * 7.4cm / 7.91 * 4.33 * 2.91in
Package Weight: 383g / 13.51oz

Package List:
1 * Player
1 * Remote control (with button battery)
2 * Cable
2 * Disassemble key
1 * Manual