Portable 1500W Electric Immersion Water Heater with Stainless Steel Guard Submersible Water Heater


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Immersion water heater, 1500W electric water heater with stainless steel protective cover, submersible instant hot water heater for pool, bucket, portable bathtub, basin, winter washing.

The electric submersible water heaters power is 1500W and voltage is 110-125V. It will quickly heats 5 gallons of water in few minutes with high power and heat the water to 104 degrees F takes about 30 minutes (takes longer in winter).
Consists of copper wires that can carry more electricity, ABS materials and stainless steel protective shells. 
All the components which is rigorously tested high-performance heat-resistant. 
Fit for heating water in large size container like bucket, basin, portable bathtub, mini inflatable swimming pool, etc. 
Not only small in size but also light in weight, perfect for concrete work, farms, car snow cleaning, wallpapering, winter washing, camping, travel, etc.

Material: Stainless steel
Color: Pink, Black, Blue, Yellow (optional)
Voltage: 110 Volts
Power: 1500W
Cable: 1.5 Meters
Item Size: 10.2 * 2.2 * 1.8in
Package Weight: 510g / 17.99ounces
Package Size: 300 * 95 * 55mm / 11.81 * 3.74 * 2.17in

Please completely immerse the rv water heater in the water you need to heat, connect the power supply and wait for 20 minutes (the heating speed is different for different amounts of water).

1.Due to the excessive power, please don't plug the two electric pool heaters into the same socket to avoid fire. 
2. In order to extend the service life, please do not exceed 2 hours each time. 
3. Before touching the water, turn off the outlet switch and remove the immersion bucket water heater.

Packing List:
1 * Immersion Water Heater
1 * LCD Digital Thermommeterr
1 * User Manual