Food Preservation Tray

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This product is used for food storage and preservation, can be loaded into meat, vegatables, fruits, seafood and other food for convenient storage.

Food grade and high quality material, can be reused after cleaning.
Multiple overlaying, more space-saving and convenient.
Easy to use, buckle design makes it easy to seal food.
Keep you food such as meat, vegatables and fruits fresh for a long time.
Suitable for refrigerating cabinets, small refrigerators, and other facilities.

1. The food put in the tray should be below 80℃.
2. Do not use a brush to clean plastic wrap.
3. Do not put the tray into the microwave oven.

Material: PP + TPU
Color: Green & Red & Orange
Quantity: 3
Item Size: 27.0 * 3.5cm / 10.63 * 1.38in
Item Weight: 226g / 7.97oz
Package Size: 27.0 * 27.0 * 7.5cm / 10.63 * 10.63 * 2.95in
Package Weight: 680g / 1.50lb

Package List:
1 * Set of Preservation Tray (3 Pcs)