3Pcs Pop Up Food Covers

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Keep pesky flies out of your food with the pop up food cover. Three different sizes allow you to keep dishes of all sorts bug free. 

The mesh material ensures a smooth air circulation and gives you a clear view of the items inside the umbrella.
Easily pop open.
Elastic strap for folding flat.
Lightweight and portable for outdoor picnic to insolate bugs.
It is washable, clean the spot by wet scrubbing cloth or take off the mesh from the umbrella frame, handwash it and air dry.

Material: Mesh
Quantity: 3Pcs
Color: Green, Red, Blue
Item Size: 
   Length: 11.5 inches
   Width: 11.5 inches
   Height: (Opened: 5.5 inches) (Closed: 5 inches)
   Length: 14 inches
   Width: 14 inches
   Height: (Opened: 7.5 inches) (Closed: 5 inches)
   Length: 16 inches
   Width: 16 inches
   Height: (Opened: 7.75 inches) (Closed: 5 inches)
Package Weight: 450g / 15.87ounces
Package Size: 420 * 420 * 30mm / 16.54 * 16.54 * 1.18in

Packing List:
3 * Food Covers