Multifunctional Portable Electric Heating One-piece Separated Lunch Box

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This multifunctional lunch box is especially suitable for office workers, students, tourists and business travelers. You can eat hot meals at any time after heating. It is healthy and environment-friendly.

The lunch box uses a PTC heating element, which is safe, fast and energy saving.
The cover is breathable to keep the food fresh.
The food is separated and will not taste each other.
The capacity of lunch box is 0.6L and vegetable box capacity is 0.45L. It has a large capacity and can meet the needs of different people.
Low power circulation heating design to maximize the moisture retention of the food, keeping warm and delicious.
No need for a microwave oven, you just need to connect to the power supply for direct heating, wide application range, practical and convenient.
Made of food-grade high-temperature resistant and environmentally friendly materials, no odor, healthy and sanitary.
Concealed handle design, stylish and easy to carry.
Reasonable design of product components, good sealing performance and long service life.
Separate power cord, concealed power plug for safer use.

Material: plastic
Color: pink, green, blue, orange (optional)
Total capacity: 1.1-1.2L
Reservation function: no
Rated power: 40W
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated voltage: 110-220V
Power mode: AC
Item size: 230 * 160 * 100mm / 9.1 * 6.3 * 3.9in
Package size: 238 * 170 * 108mm / 9.4 * 6.7 * 4.3in
Package weight: 620g / 1.4lb

Can not be placed in microwave and oven for heating.

Package list:
1 * Electric Heating Lunch Box
1 * Plug
1 * Spoon
1 * User Manual (English)