Multifunctional Comfortable Cleaning Kitchen Double Layers Strong Absorbent Dish Washing Rag Thick Simple Dishcloth

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Soft and comfortable dishcloth has durability and long service life is suitable to use in the kitchen to improve your life quality.

Thicken double layers, fine cleaning force.
Made of fine coral velvet material feels soft and comfortable.
Simple design is elegant and practical.
Strong absorbent, non stick oil.
No water mark, lint free.
Soft material, not scratch the surface.

Color: pink and green, grey and green, pink and grey, purple and grey (optional)
Material: coral velvet
Package Weight: 16g / 0.6ounce
Item Size: 265 * 140mm / 10.4 * 5.5in
Package Size: 170 * 70 * 50mm / 6.7 * 2.8 * 2.0in

Package List:
1 * Dishcloth