Decdeal 16inch 40cm Reborn Baby Doll Twins Baby in Blanket Lifelike Dolls Blue Eyes Silicone Vinyl & Cotton Body Cute Gifts Lovely Blue Outfit

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This baby doll with silicone vinyl and cotton body, in real baby clothes, 16 inches from head to toe, soft touch like a real baby. Perfect baby accompany toys, festivals & birthday gifts, collecting dolls.

Body: Soft simulation silicone vinyl and PP cotton body, with soft touch like a real baby, can accompany baby as a friend, can't enter into water.
Face & Eyes: Hand painted delicate face, lifelike blue acrylic eyes with clear eyelashes, eyes open, eyes can not close or blink.
Limbs: Head and limbs can be active, it can sit or lie, can't stand, can't speak.
Hair: Hand rooted very smooth fiber hair, unlike mohair, the fiber hair will never go messy, and is very easy to take care of.
Clothes: Dressed in real baby clothes, cute pajamas with hat and shoes, bring more fun and sense of reality.
Application: Perfect for baby accompany toys, festivals and birthday gifts, collecting dolls.

Color: Blue/ Pink (Optional)
Size: 40cm / 16in
Material: Silicone Vinyl + PP Cotton
Package Size: 40.5 * 20 * 14cm / 15.9 * 7.9 * 5.5in
Package Weight: 1200g / 2.65lbs

Package List:
1 * Doll
1 * Magnetic Pacifier
1 * Blanket
1 * Bear Toy
1 * A Set of Costumes (As Picture)