2Pcs 2800mAh Rechargeable Cells and Wii Cell Charge Dock Stand

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This item is compatible with charging for Wii controller. It has 2pcs/4pcs charge port so it can charge 2pcs/4pcs controllers at the same time. And it have 2pcs/4pcs match cell packs. so no need to worry electricity problem.

Can charge 2pcs/4pcs controllers at the same time.
It’s charge with design of impulse voltage circuit.
It matched large-capacity Ni-MH cell.
Simple and convenient to use.
Tidiness when you put.

Color: Black, White (optional)
Type: 2 in 1, 4 in 1 (optional)
Package Weight: 
 2 in 1: 211.6g / 7.46ounces
 4 in 1: 360g / 12.7ounces
Package Size: 
 2 in 1: 138 * 98 * 48mm / 5.43 * 3.86 * 1.89in
 4 in 1: 204 * 100 * 55mm / 8.03 * 3.94 * 2.17in

User Manual:
1. Please plug DC5V into input port, light is blue (If you no need decorate light, please turn switch to “off”. If you need. turn to “ON”)
2. Please put 1-4PCS matched cells in controller for charge, the light will turn red when it’s in charging, after full charged it will turn blue.

Package List:
1 * Cell Charging Stand    
2 * 2800mAh Rechargeable Cells    
1 * USB Cable(Wii Remote controller not included)