Topless Can Opener Bar Tool, Safety Easy Manual ABS Can Opener, No Sharp Edge, Effortless Openers for Household Kitchen Outdoor Party

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Our Can Opener is a practical bar tool designed to remove the top of almost any can, which enhances your drinking experience.
By removing the entire top, it allows your nose to enjoy the aroma of your beverage, allowing you to enjoy the flavor. And spicing up your favorite canned drinks is even easier.
Suitable for all kinds of beer, gallon selzer beer, canned wine, canned cocktails, energy drinks, frozen coffee, soda etc.
The innovative design safely removes the top, which makes you enjoy your canned drinks safely and effortlessly.
The Can Opener is made from strong ABS material that has a long service life and will easily open all types of cans.
Leaving no sharp edges.

Name: Can Opener
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Internal diameter: 5cm
Package size: 63g
Package weight: 10*6*1.5cm

How to use:
1. Grab the top edge of the jar or the bottom edge of the jar. (Don't grab the center of the jar!)
2. Open the handle and place the tool on top of the jar.
3. Squeeze the handle and rotate.
4. Align the edge with the notch of the handle, then shake slowly to open the top.

Package list:
1 x Can Opener