7Pcs Multiple Size Tap Hose Adapters

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The 7 pieces tap hose adapters are multiple sizes to fit most common sinks, only fits sinks with removable aerators. You do not have to spend more time at the hardware store, and you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong specifications.

Constructed of durable solid brass with precise thread to eliminate leaks and withstand rust daily wear. 
Each adapter comes with a custom fit washer.
The included adapter is designed to be compatible only with taps with detachable sink aerators. 
Multiple size tap adapter will fit most common sinks to attach a garden hose, sink sprays, water filters, and more.
7 pack tap adapters, Male 3/4”-27T, Male 3/8”-18T, Male 15/16”-27T, Male 55/64”-27T, Female 3/4”-27T, Male 13/16”-27T, Male 15/16”-27T or Female 55/64”-27T X GHTM 3/4” or Male 55/64”-27T.

Material: Brass
Package Weight: 150g / 5.29ounces
Package Size: 150 * 150 * 40mm / 5.91 * 5.91 * 1.57in

The included adapters are designed to be compatible only with taps that have removable sink aerators. If your sink tap does not have a removable aerator, these adapters will not work.

Packing List:
7 * Tap Hose Adapters