6Pcs Brass Tap Adapters

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The 6pcs tap adapters can be used with your kitchen tap or garden hose, multiple sizes for wide compatibility. 

6 pack tap adapters, Male 55/64”-27T; Male 3/4”-27T; Male 3/8”-18T; Female 3/4”-27T; Male 13/16”-27T (to Male 15/16”-27T); Male 15/16”-27T or Female 55/64”-27T + GHTM 3/4” or Male 55/64”-27T.
Used for hot/cold faucet bidet attachment, garden or standard hoses, standard faucet diverters (Male 15/16”-27T), water filters, cache faucets and more. Do not replacement for Moen tap.
Made of chrome-plated brass, and well crafted to make sure no leakage can be traced while in use. 
Can be installed in your kitchen sink or garden hose. It is easy to clean and install.
This is a must-have kitchen accessory that facilitates a smooth flow of water in your sink.

Material: Brass
Package Weight: 130g / 4.59ounces
Package Size: 150 * 150 * 40mm / 5.91 * 5.91 * 1.57in

Packing List:
6 * Tap Adapters